Q-Sys Training Texbook

Q-Sys Training Textbook serves as the perfect companion to the online Q-Sys Level 1 & Quick Start Training.  It combines a classic textbook-style approach to learning, combined with our existing video-based training. 

  • 18 chapters spanning over 300 full-color pages
  • Over 50 high-resolution videos (iPad version only)
  • Use this tool to complete your Level 1 certification
  • Self-contained app that requires no internet connection to operate
  • Serves as a handy in-the-field reference tool
  • As QSC adds functionality to Q-Sys Designer Software, you receive automatic updates to your textbook (iPad version only)


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Q-Sys Training Textbook

Version: 4.0
Updated: 4/22/2015

Version History

Version 4.0 - Revised Chapters with new features for Q-SYS Designer 4.23

Version 3.2 - New Courses added: Dynamic Pairing and Notch Feedback Controller