10. KfM Artist Profiles

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Dweezil Zappa

"I have a complex guitar rig that I designed to reproduce the full range of frequencies you would be able to hear from studio monitors in a controlled environment. The challenge is, how can I present and re-enforce this detailed sound for the audience from the stage? For me the solution is the QSC KW Series. They reproduce everything I want the audience to hear with depth and clarity and I still have plenty of headroom."

Darryl Jones

“Because I am involved in a lot of different kinds of music--rock and roll, electronic jazz, sounds with synth bass, solo projects with effects-- I always try to find the sound that fits the music I am playing. I find that I can use the QSC rig for really big sounds like synth bass and bass with lots of effects, sequences that I am playing along with. This works great because the rig is full range. For some of the other things that I am doing, I need a more of a pure, really clean, clear, powerful sound. That’s one of the things that led me to QSC.”