9. Accessories

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1. K Series Totes

Available for K8, K10 & K12

2. KSub Cover

Included strap facilitates secure transport of K Series 2-way speakers for 1-trip load-in.

3. K Series Yokes

Powder coated steel yoke allows for vertical or horizontal mounting of one K Series Loudspeaker.

4. K Series Weather Cover

Nylon fabric and mesh cover for temporary outdoor use of K8 (K10, K12) in adverse weather.

5. K Series M10 Suspension Kit

M10 forged-shoulder steel eyebolt kit for suspending K8, K10, or K12. Shackles not included.

6. KW122 Suspension Kit

16 inch (40.6 cm) extension pole for use with K Series speaker pole an K8 or K10 loudspeaker.