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Helpful Tips and Definitions

checkmark_small.pngFAST or Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology enables the user to configure 4, 3, 2 and single Channel Amplifier Configurations.

checkmark_small.pngAll Amplifiers are limited by two primary factors; Current and Voltage. Understanding this means that FAST allows any combination of 4 Channels to be summed and run in parallel mode.

checkmark_small.pngBy running 2 Channels in parallel mode these Amplifiers allows the greatest amount of utilization for higher power at low impedences. Doing this provides a signifacntly larger amount of power while still maintaining low wattage.

checkmark_small.pngThese Amplifiers especially excel when multi-channel configuration is bridged with another multi-channel configuration running in parallel. This opens up a huge amount of power in the 4-8 OmH region where most loudspeakers reside.