4. BASIS Models

BASIS Models

QSC currently ships 11 different models of BASIS Derivatives, but some carry different model names depending on the I/O configuration. The only real difference between the models is primarily audio connectivity, whether it has analog inputs and whether it has DataPorts. 


1 Analog Line Level and Universal Mic/Line via 3-pin "phoenix style" (euro style) detachable terminal blocks. XLR inputs are balanced XLR/TRS combo connectors. (Pin 1/Tip: Hot, Pin 2/Ring: Cold, Pin3/Sleeve: Shield)
2 25-pin DB-25 style AES/EBU electrically balanced, 48 kHz sample rate
3 RJ45 connector
4 HD-15 Dataport connector
5 5-pin "phoenix style" (euro style) detachable terminal block

chart2-2.pngHere, we see a chart showing ALL eleven of the BASIS derivative models we currently ship. They are called "derivatives" because they all are derived from the same design platform of the BASIS. They are grouped by model series.

The top seven are specifically called "BASIS" because they have DataPorts for outputs.

One BASIS model, the 722az, does not have CobraNet. The only way to get 7 for this series is to add 4 + 3, so it doesn't include the "2" for CobraNet.

The last three in the list are designated as RAVE models, since they closely align with our legacy RAVE devices. The legacy RAVE units were merely CobraNet I/O boxes, while the new models add full DSP along with relays, logic I/O, and Omni ports.

One lone unit, fourth from the bottom, is the DSP 322ua which is much like our DSP-3, DSP-4, and DSP-30 devices. It is essentially an 8-in by 8-out DSP box, with no CobraNet or DataPorts to control and monitor amps.

Notice the middle "DSP" column? ALL of the units, no matter what the model designation or I/O capability, use the same DSP engine circuitry. This allowed us to use common parts and circuit board design layouts for all the units, without having to design, build, and stock different circuit boards for different models.

900 series models (BASIS 902zz, BASIS 904zz, BASIS 914lz, BASIS 922az, BASIS 922dz and BASIS 922uz) are intended to connect to QSC amplifiers that have DataPorts. The 500 series models (RAVE 520uz, RAVE 522aa and RAVE 522ua) have analog inputs and outputs, except for the RAVE 520uz which only has CobraNet output. The DSP 322ua has analog inputs and outputs but no DataPorts or CobraNet.

BASIS models with line-level analog outputs can send balanced audio to any amplifier or audio device with full control of the audio signal (levels, muting, and full DSP). The amplifiers cannot be monitored like those with DataPort connections, but all the other features of the BASIS such as discreet control I/O of the relays, logic I/O, and Omni Ports are still available.

yhst-93643794936312_2263_77048691.gifWe also have a special adapter available called the DDI-11, which can be attached to a DataPort to pull out the audio signals for some other amp or audio device.