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BASIS is a distributed DSP, digital audio, and amplifier control and monitoring device. It may be controlled by one or more standard Windows PCs, by our NAC-100 controllers, and also by 3rd party controllers such as AMX and Crestron. It can provide warning of existing or pending audio system problems. You can pre-program the BASIS devices to respond to simple contact closures for recalling presets. You can have a computer using a wireless network connection controlling and monitoring the system. You can easily expand the system by simply adding more BASIS devices as the system grows. This is similar to any network expansion - just plug into more ports on the network! ALL of the audio and control signals are available ANYWHERE on the network.

Documentation and Support


Software Documentation and Help Files

Venue Manage does not come with a printed software manual. This is by design. Because the software is constantly being updated with new features and functionality, printed manuals cannot keep up with the rapid changes. The context-sensitive Help file in the software installation is your best source of guidance for the QSControl.net system and Venue Manager Software. Context-sensitive means that for almost any screen or control you access in the software, you can view help topics specifically for that screen or panel by simply hitting the F1 function key on your keyboard. Usually, you will be taken directly into that function's Help topic, but in those rare instances when there is not an existing Help topic for that specific function you would be taken to the Help file's Table of Contents to browse the topics, scan through the Index, or do a search on the specific question you have. The Help file is very much like using "Google" on the internet. How we've laid out the Help file, and the easier it will become to search for the correct topics. The Help file should always be your first resource whenever you have a question about something related to BASIS and QSControl.net. 

There is a ReadMe file included with every release of new software, and its accompanying firmware, describing all the new changes, features, updates, and most important, any known issues. These known issues are not necessarily "bugs", but are rather things that might cause you to wonder "Why did it do that?" or "Why won't it do this?" Very often, questions you have about the operation, or non-operation, of a QSControl.net product or system are often answered in the ReadMe file. Please make it a point to at least glance through the ReadMe file at least once with every new software release. 

BASIS User Manual

We do provide an actual printed user manual, usually in quite a few languages, shipped with each BASIS. This document explains how to install, connect to, and initially set up a BASIS. There is a quick-start guide for operating the software, such as how to adjust IP addresses and configure your network. This document it is also available as a PDF from within the QSControl Help file, so you can reprint the Hardware manual. 

QSC Audio Website

Tutorials, user forums, tech support links, access to white papers, schematics, spec sheets, manuals, rep contacts, and more can be found at www.qsc.com. We are always trying to improve our websites, so feel free to give us feedback if you have suggestions for improvements. 

Support Contacts

In addition to our QSC rep force, which should always be your first line of support, there is a wealth of QSC contacts at your disposal. These are usually broken up into two functions or groups. The first group is System Sales. These folks are primarily involved with Pre-Sales support such as which product to buy, pricing, availability, system design support, etc. 

The other group is the Technical Services Engineered Systems Support team. Usually, these are the "go to" folks for those situations where you've already received your product are setting up your system, and you have some questions or issues. Something isn't working as expected, or perhaps you need assistance to get the system to do what you want it to do. 

There is no firm "wall" between these two groups. It is not unusual for a Sales person or QSC rep to stay with a project through all the way from conception to commissioning, helping out in whatever capacity along the way. Nor is it unusual for someone from Tech Services to get a call about a brand new project design, and perhaps the customer needs training or would like some design assistance. They can be reached via the QSC 800 numbers or by email, and most have cell phone coverage at all times. 

Video Tutorials

Last, but not least, there are some great online video tutorials which take you through setup and operation of the Venue Manager software. These are best viewed on a broadband internet connection, such as cable or DSL. Some of the tutorials are short, five to seven minutes. Some are longer, up to 45 minutes in length. They can be viewed online, or downloaded to be viewed offline. Go to the Video Tutorials.