Q-Sys Training: Level 1


Level One Modules

  • Hardware Overview

    Hardware Overview

    Learn the basics of the Q-Sys Signal Path, as well as an introduction to all of its physical components.

  • Software Overview

    Software Overview

    Introduces Q-Sys Designer, including workspace areas, important terminology, understanding components and inventory.

  • Administrator & Configurator

    Administrator & Configurator

    Manage network settings, rename devices, manage users, automate controls, create scheduled events and load audio files.

  • Control Overview

    Control Overview

    Create snapshots, edit control styles and generate a user control interface (UCI).

  • Audio Player & Media Drive

    Audio Player & Media Drive

    Offers an in-depth look at the Audio Player and Media Drive, two of the most commonly used (and misunderstood) Q-Sys components.

  • Basic Test & Measurement

    Basic Test & Measurement

    Troubleshoot your signal path using Noise Generators, RTA, Injectors and Probes.

  • Room Combining

    Room Combining

    Control the audio signal for a multipurpose room that uses air walls.

  • Automatic Mixers

    Automatic Mixers

    Adjust output gain to a preferred level by gating and adjusting input attenuations.

  • Ambient Noise Compensators

    Ambient Noise Compensators

    Ambient Noise Compensators detect change in crowd noise and apply gain or attenuation.

  • Notch Feedback Controller

    Notch Feedback Controller

    "Ring out the room" and protect your live sound against unexpected feedback loops.

  • Basic System Design Walkthrough

    Basic System Design Walkthrough

    Watch as our Q-Sys experts build a basic system in Q-Sys Designer from start to finish.