Q-SYS Quickstart Tutorials (English)

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Q-Sys Quickstarts are designed to address specific installation needs that are not covered in the basic Q-Sys Training.

These modules are NOT required for Q-Sys Certification.

  • Intro to External Control

    Intro to External Control

    Expose and control Q-SYS components with third party controls like Crestron, AMX, etc

  • Public Address

    Public Address

    Establish Zones and Priority, and assign Commands to Page Station buttons.

  • Dynamic Pairing

    Dynamic Pairing

    Link a virtual peripheral device in the design with a new physical hardware device on the network, without needing to redeploy the design.

  • Core-to-Core Streaming

    Core-to-Core Streaming

    Stream Audio from one Core to another Core using the Q-LAN Virtual Transmitter & Receiver.

  • Room Combining

    Room Combining

    Control the audio signal for a multipurpose room that uses air walls.

  • Notch Feedback Controller

    Notch Feedback Controller

    "Ring out the room" and protect your live sound against unexpected feedback loops.

  • Ambient Noise Compensators

    Ambient Noise Compensators

    Ambient Noise Compensators detect change in crowd noise and apply gain or attenuation.

  • Intro to Control Scripting

    Intro to Control Scripting

    With the help of Lua programming, learn how to create your own custom controls.

  • Networking Overview

    Networking Overview

    Understand network communication basics on a Q-Sys system.

  • E-mailer


    Wire your system to automatically send system alert e-mails.

  • Firmware Update

    Firmware Update

    Step-by-Step walkthrough on updating the firmware on your Q-Sys System.

  • Support Resources

    Support Resources

    Introduces value-added resources at your disposal.