TouchMix Training (Ukrainian)

  • TouchMix Introduction

    TouchMix Introduction

    Introducing the TouchMix console!

  • 1. Mixer Navigation

    1. Mixer Navigation

    Learn the fundamentals of TouchMix's layout & operations, a quick review of inputs & outputs, as well as the master wheel.

  • 2. Simple vs. Advanced Mode

    2. Simple vs. Advanced Mode

    Understand the benefits of Simple vs. Advanced Mode

  • 3. Preset Libraries

    3. Preset Libraries

    The Preset Libraries are truly one of TouchMix's most powerful features. Use these to get a great mix up quickly and easily.

  • 4. FX Wizard

    4. FX Wizard

    If you are new to incorporating effects like reverb, chorus, delay, pitch correction and pitch change, this tutorial will shows you how to use the FX Wizard.